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Online Class

Education has evolved into another dimension not just restricted to mere lectures and chalk and talk, it has become flexible as teachers are given the flexibility to structure and evaluate assignments, students are becoming independent learners, learning is at their own pace and individualised.

Visual learners are highly benefitted so it is very important for us at this juncture to pay attention to developing the teacher to meet the technological advances and to make classes interactive to minimise side-tracking, distraction and decline in education, to make up for the personal disconnect and develop the social and emotional skills, the hardware and the technical difficulties and disruptions. The physical exercise and health education we need to focus on.

We at B.G.P.S have made a program that has been attempted to recreate the classroom environment as much as possible.

We are equipping our students to live in the age of unpredictability by supporting to the maximum with a schedule and logging on to a virtual classroom to complete assignments.

Our online pedagogy is focused on the blooms taxonomy with SAMR, SEL Classes, we base our pedagogy on the multiple intelligence theory of Howard Gardner and also incorporated the UN SDG for sustainable living as a part of our curriculum.

The auditory and the kinaesthetic learner has been included in offering audiobooks and podcasts, the kinaesthetic learner has interactive sessions with apps and creating models and hands-on experiments done at home. The exposure for project-based learning and collaborative learning through our webinars.

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